Thermal Inspections

We offer a range of thermal solutions such as inspections, helping you protect assets.

Solar Panel Inspections

Thermal technology plays a crucial role in the meticulous inspection of solar panels. By detecting temperature variations across the panels, it provides a comprehensive analysis of their performance and condition. This non-invasive method identifies faulty cells, hotspots, or defects that might lead to reduced efficiency or potential malfunctions.

Powerline Inspection

Powerline inspection utilizing thermal technology is a sophisticated method for monitoring the health and integrity of electrical grids. By capturing thermal imagery of power lines and associated components, this approach helps identify anomalies, overheating, and potential issues that may lead to power outages, fires, or other electrical hazards.

Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline monitoring using thermal technology is a sophisticated method for safeguarding critical infrastructure. By employing thermal imaging, it enables the continuous surveillance of pipelines to detect temperature variations, leaks, and other potential issues.

Vegetation Control

Vegetation control with thermal technology is an effective method for managing and monitoring plant growth in various settings. By using thermal imaging, it allows for the precise detection and assessment of vegetation health and density

Wildlife Monitoring

Wildlife monitoring through thermal technology is a valuable tool for ecologists and conservationists. Thermal imaging allows for non-invasive observation of wildlife behavior, even in low-light or challenging conditions.

Large Scale Thermal Mapping

Large-scale thermal mapping is a cutting-edge technique for comprehensive temperature assessment over extensive areas. By utilizing thermal imaging technology, it provides a detailed view of temperature variations and heat distribution on a regional or even global scale.

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